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Monday, September 6, 2010

Replacing Power Tool Switches - How to Know the Time Has Come

Replacing Power Tool Switches - How to Know the Time Has Come

It is no mystery that a lot can go wrong inside a power tool, what is a bit mysterious though, is how to determine exactly which part of your power tool is currently suffering. As we all know, power tools are some seriously cool machines, so cool in fact, they will literally try to help you solve this diagnostic conundrum.

Knowing which subtle clues to look for can help you diagnose a power tool problem in a snap. For instance, when your switch goes bad, your power tool will behave in a specific way.

The first symptoms to arise will come in the form of malfunctioning or failing start-ups. You will attempt to activate the tool and as if life has simply left it for greener pastures, the tool will be absolutely dead, or, at least, it will require several pumps and perhaps a joggle or two to revive itself.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Difference Between a Cordless Drill and a Cordless Hammer Drill

Difference Between a Cordless Drill and a Cordless Hammer Drill

Christmas is the time that men love, especially if he is a tool lover. One of the most common gifts given during this time is drills. Now, there are a lot of choices available on the market today and finding the right one is very important.

You don't want to buy something that is a overkill do you. Well, today I want to touch on a common question. What is the difference between a cordless drill and a cordless hammer drill? This is a common question that is asked more often or not. Does it really make that much difference? The answer is yes.

Plain cordless drills are machines that rotate a bit in a circular motion as the user provides pressure towards or away from the object that is getting drilled. The bit has groves that latch on and pull through the material. Plain cordless drills are usually used for drilling into wood, vinyl, or softer materials.

On the other hand hammer drills are a much more violent tool. The drill still turns a special drill bit in a circular motion but it also does an extra function, it hummers down on the bit pushing it into the material.

These drills are normally used for drilling into concrete or steal material, material that a normal drill would not be able to drill through. It also requires a special drill bit that will not break with so much friction.

A hammer drill is not the perfect tool for someone who just does small jobs around the house. And if the recipient does not ask for this kind of drill I would not purchase it.

So, who makes the better drill between DeWalt and Milwaukee? If you want more bang for the buck then you need to choose DeWalt. DeWalt make a very superior drill that will last over the long haul. The price is also very reasonable.

Milwaukee does have a very comparable drill, but Milwaukee drills have a high premium for ownership. They cost a lot of money. And for the type of money spent you could get one or two more options with the Dewalt brand.

Kenneth Elliott is the owner of Cordless Drill, where he concentrates on reviews and great deals from all across the net. Check out this review on a 18 Volt Milwaukee Lithium-Ion Hammer Cordless Drill.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

DeWALT Launches Solid Rock Carbide SDS Plus Drill Bits With Two Times More Carbide For Increased Durability

DeWALT Launches Solid Rock Carbide SDS Plus Drill Bits With Two Times More Carbide For Increased Durability

Hampstead, MD - DeWALT, a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories, announces the launch of its SOLID ROCK CARBIDE SDS Plus drill bits (DW5501 - DW5541). The new bits are designed for mechanical contractors, electricians, forming and tilt wall contractors, MRO, glaziers and general contractors for drilling holes in hard concrete, reinforced concrete, block and pan decking.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the bits have an innovative bonding system that is used to affix the SOLID ROCK CARBIDE tip to the flute providing extreme durability and longer bit life in the toughest applications.

Ranging from 5/32" - 1/2" in size, the SOLID ROCK CARBIDE SDS Plus drill bits have a full head, four-cutter design that has two times more carbide and is five times more durable than competitive two-cutter bits.

The SOLID ROCK CARBIDE SDS Plus drill bits are also designed with a four flute design. The four separate channels provide optimum debris removal for faster drilling.


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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Are You in a Tight Spot? A Right Angle Drill Can Help

Are You in a Tight Spot? A Right Angle Drill Can Help

The work of professional craftsmen - carpenters, plumbers, and electricians - is oftem tiring and tedious. Laboriuosly they squeeze into tight spots under the burden of heavy tools and dragging cords.

Somewhere at this moment, a carpenter is craning into a tight corner, a mechanic is battling a dense jungle of car parts, electricians and plumbers are fighting with through knotted networks of wire and pipe, and all of them are wishing for a more effecient way. But just as it seems the sky could get no darker, a light shines to reveal the right angle drill.

Before a plumber can run pipe, or an electrician run wire, he must drill an abundance of holes. "Isn't there better way," he might ask with a hand on his brow. The answer is yes. To every skilled tradesman, the answer is a resounding yes, there is a better way. A right angle drill will simplify your work day and may even put a spring in your step.

Right angle drills are designed with the chuck set at a right (or 90 degree) angle to the body of the tool. This "breath of fresh air" design enables craftsmen to access tighter, more enclosed spaces and to reach them more easily than ever before.

The right angle drill solves the dilemma of close quarter applications and makes reaching the final frontier within the grasp of any tradesman. Most right angle drills also have a variable speed option that delivers maximum torque to drill even the largest holes and grind through the toughest stock.

With the power and versatility, the optimal functionality of a right angle drill, professionals throughout the skilled-trade industry will throw their hard hats to the sky in triumph knowing that it has made their lives just that much easier. A right angle drill conquers enclosed spaces baring its teeth in challenge to all tight spots in the work place.

Now, those same carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and other hands-on professionals can breath easier, can more comfortably drill, drive, tighten, and so-forth because they possess the power, torque and promise of the right angle drill. Please read on for more information on Makita and DEWALT angle drills.

The solutions to your tight-spot conundrums follows in a brief summary of two excellent tools.

The Makita 18v Lithium Ion Cordless 3/8in Angle Drill: Makita products are known throughout the tool industry as some of the finest on the market. M&M Tool is particularly excited about Makita's 18v cordless angle drill. This power tool was designed with new and innovative featires, and superior precision enhancing its productivity and value.

This power tool delivers a powerful 121 in/lbs of torque and 0-1,800 RPM with a variable speed option to offer a wide range of drilling and driving capabilities. Makita's BDA350 angle drill has a comfortable ergonomic design to decrease fatigue and simplify operation.

It has a large, easy to handle paddle switch with a soft grip for extra comfort and convenience on the job. The drill has a 3/8" keyed metal chuck which offers improved gripping power and a low profile that allows for close quarter, tight space applications. This angle drill is the perfect tool to manage small spaces and tight corners.

Makita has also designed this power tool with a built-in LED light. This light illuminates work areas for optimal precision. The tool is powered with Makita's superior lithium ion battery system.

This lithium ion technology offers extended battery life and longer run-time; essentially allowing operators to spend less time waiting for a charge, and more time on the job. This angle drill utilizes that LXT lithium ion battery system with Makita's 30 Minute Rapid Optimum Charger.

This charger is designed to communicate with a chip built into the battery forming a circuit between battery and charger. This communication optimizes overall battery life through controlling its current and voltage; and with a built-in battery cooling system, the charger monitors the battery's temperature and thus, maximizes total performance.

The unique and comfortable features of this angle drill make it an ideal tool for plumbers, carpenters, electricians and hobbyists alike. Its cordless design offers extra convenience, mobility and simplicity on the job.

The Makita BDA350 18v cordless angle drill is backed with Makita's nearly 90 years of experience, their good reputation, and high quality materials. The tool also comes with a three year factory warranty and a one year factory warranty on battery and charger.

The DEWALT 18v Cordless Right Angle Drill Driver Kit: DEWALT's power tools are well known for their remarkable design and durablity, thus, M&M Tool's excitement over their 18v angle drill comes as no surprise. This tool is built with supreme durability and is backed by DEWALT's commanding reputation.

The DW960K-2 has a sleek two-speed design ranging from 0-500,0-1,500 RPM. This variable speed feature increases user flexibility providing a wide range of applications and allowing operators more speed control.

This drill also has a reversing capability for greater ease and cleanliness. The tool a has a powerful 320 watts out delivering maximum power for heavy-duty applications. The tough job of turning large bits and fasteners is made simple with its impressive force.

This angle drill also has a multi-grip trigger for increased comfort and convenience on the job. This multi-grip feature allows users to get into tighter spaces while still having access to the trigger.

DEWALT products are quality conscious and have engineered this tool with a durable, right angle transmission with a sealed ball bearing to increase to overall life of the tool. The drill has a 3/8in plastic, two-sleeve chuck that allows for easier close quarter applications.

Small spaces and tight corners are this tool's strong suit, and as it weighs only 4.7lbs, its compact structure and cordless design make the tool convenient and comfortable in the work space. The tools unique design make it the perfect tool for hobbyists as well as professional electricians, plumbers, and craftsmen.

The DEWALT DW960K-2 comes with a dependable one hour charger, two powerful 18v batteries, a screw-driving bit, and heavy-duty kit box for added security and convenience. The tool also comes with DEWALT's one year free service contract and three year limited warranty.

Mallory Kramer is a student at at the University of Utah where she is earning a degree in English. She joined M&M Tool and Machinery three years ago adding to their over 150 years of combined experience.

For over 60 years M&M Tool has been selling and repairing professional level power tools for industry leading vendors such as Makita and DEWALT. If you want valuable information about the tool industry, please look to M&M Tool.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cordless Drills Are Paving Its Path Into An Indispensible Household Appliance

Cordless Drills Are Paving Its Path Into An Indispensible Household Appliance

From the earliest forms used in the ancient Harappan and Egyptian times, Drills have come a long way from the old school Bow drills, Brace and bit and Eggbeater drills to their modern day counterparts, such as electric drills, rotary hammer drills and cordless drills.

A good drill is essential if you're developing a sense of preliminary maintenance and even full-fledged renovation for your house. This is where the Dewalt cordless drill comes in to make the ride smooth and effortless as you can drill holes and drive screws with the same tool. This also saves you the inconvenience of finding another outlet near your place of work to power the drill.

Power, for cordless drill, is measured in battery voltage. Therefore, with a higher voltage comes more spinning strength to overcome the resistance of the material being drilled through. During the last decade, the top-end voltage has increased from 9.6 to 18V, but the ranges of models include 6, 7.2, 9.6, 12, 14.4 and 18V.

Most drills had pistol grips before the advent of the cordless drills. These pistol grips were behind the motor and possessed a shape, which had a striking similarity to the handle of a gun. However, to suit the technological advances and its need for convenience, the Dewalt cordless drill comes with what is known as a T Handle. Today's cordless models are equipped with a T-handle: The handle base flares to prevent hand slippage and accommodate a battery. Because the battery is centered under the weight and bulk of the motor, a T-handle provides better overall balance, particularly in heavier drills.

Most drills have two fixed speeds: 300rpm and 800rpm. A slide trigger allows you to choose the kind of speed most suitable for your work. However, most of the inexpensive drills have the same uniformity of speed. The latest breakthrough in batteries is of the NiMH or Nickel-metal-Hydride variety and these are smaller and run longer than the standard form of Nicad or Nickel-Cadmium. NiMH batteries don't come with any cadmium and therefore they come with less of a risk

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dewalt Scroll Saw and the Weekend Hobbiest

The Dewalt Scroll Saw and the Weekend Hobbiest

The possibilities of making wood crafts and decorations are unlimited, when you have the right tools, and patterns. Dewalt tools are my preference, for the simple fact that they are dependable and they have a large variety for just about every job imaginable.

When it comes to making crafts and decorations the Dewalt tool I am really impressed with is the scroll saw. This tool allows you to cut some really detailed designs. You will need to have a drill on hand so you can make a starter hole for inside cuts. With this saw you can make wall hangings, clocks, decorations to set on you mantel or entertainment center ect... Lets go over a couple of these in more detail.

If your wanting to make a wall hanging with your dewalt scroll saw.

First you need to decide on the pattern. This can be something you drew up yourself or something you purchased.

Second, you need to decide what type wood you want pine, oak, cherry, walnut, etc... to get the look you prefer.

Third, place you pattern on the surface and trace the design.

After you get it transferred, take your dewalt drill and with a small bit drill holes in the center designs to be cut out. Now your ready for your dewalt scroll saw.

Loosen the blade adjustment and place the blade through one of the pre-drilled pilot holes and reattach it to the saw and set the blade tension. Make your cut. Repeat this step until all your designs are finished. Sand it down add a little varnish and your done. You can also glue some colored felt on the back to really bring out the artwork.

If you want to make a clock with your dewalt scroll saw. First you need to get a battery operated clock assembly. Your local craft store should be able to help you with this. Transfer your design just like with the wall hanging.

But, before you drill the pilot holes you need to add in the place for your clock fixture. Make sure you place it in your design where it will have enough wood to hold it solid. Make your cuts, do the finish work, add the clock assembly and you have just made yourself a hand crafted clock.

For making a mantle it is basically the same as the wall hanging, just leave a flat spot on the bottom of your design. Cut out a platform and take your dewalt router and put a contoured edge around the top and glue your designed piece in the center. And you have a mantle piece.

I suggest sticking with single piece designs until you get the feel of your dewalt scroll saw. Then you can move on to multiple piece designs that need to be glued together. But with a little practice, the possibilities of things you can make with this dewalt tool is unlimited.

Gary Brown is the author for can find this article along with a selection of dewalt power tools on our website.

by Gary Brown