Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cordless Leaf Blower - Is it the Ideal Power Tool For Your Garden?

Cordless Leaf Blower - Is it the Ideal Power Tool For Your Garden?

When we were kids, we would love to play around the lawn with those fallen leaves scattered all over, kicking them around, picking a handful of them up and throwing them to our playmates. We would even jump over or throw ourselves into a pile of dead leaves which would lead to our moms scolding us. Those were the fun days.

Now, as an adult, things aren't the same anymore. We now understand why mom was so furious. Cleaning the yard is a no-joke task and it's definitely not a child's play. Although it can be fun at times doing the job, it's not as enjoyable as when it was just pure play. Now, it's pure work.

Another pure work is finding that best tool to be used for sweeping the lawn. Since there are many different gardening tools to compare and choose from, one can say that this also qualifies as another gruesome labor as part of adulthood. After all, looking for an ideal equipment is not as simple as looking for an ideal paint color for your room.

You may already have a bunch of tools in your home like brooms, rakes and lawn sweepers. But if you feel that they're not the power tools you are looking for, why don't you try leaf blowers? Some say that a certain cordless leaf blower will save you from the misery of maintaining your yard's cleanliness. Could this be the answer to your prayer?

The cordless leaf blower is battery operated. So that means you can move around the lawn freely and easily. You don't have to worry about electric cords that limit your move and get tangled and tied up. When you want to make sure you have sufficient power, you may bring an extra battery or two just in case the first battery gets drained before you complete your routine.

Furthermore, the rechargeable leaf blower, as others may call it, is a quiet tool. That's better compared to those leaf blowers that are gas powered and have noisy engines. They are also light weight and easy to operate. If your lawn is not that huge and doesn't have many trees in it, this is perfect for you. Plus, you'll be able to reach places in your garden that other tools can't.

On the flip side, this cordless type of leaf blowers don't have that much power required especially for larger lawns or for those yards that grow a lot of trees in them. That type of blower might not be able to handle that huge amount of leaves. But it all depends on you. If you think you should give other tools a try, you can do so. But if you're very much satisfied with the performance of cordless leaf blowers, then that's just fine.

Get more specific information on the cordless leaf blower device to make sure you make the right choice. Also if you love gardening your will benefit from using lawn tractor attachments for hauling grass, weeds and dirt. Check the out now.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Facts About Reconditioned Power Tools

The Facts About Reconditioned Power Tools

Buying reconditioned power tools can save craftsmen hundreds of dollars while also delivering the same high-performance and professional results skilled workers expect from their power tools. Reconditioned tools offer an excellent value, a manufacturer's warranty, and all the dynamism and reliability of a factory new tool.

So, What Exactly is a Reconditioned Tool?
For minor cosmetic or technical defects some tools will inevitably be returned to the manufacturer. These tools are then rigorously inspected, tested, and restored to meet all factory specifications. After the tools have been approved for re-sale, they emerge onto the scene as reconditioned tools, as little diamonds in the rough, if you will.

Because these tools have been returned to the factory, they can no longer be marketed as "new." This is, however, largely to the consumer's benefit. Here's why: when the tools are returned to the factory, they undergo stringent performance tests and checks to ensure the tool runs better than optimally.

Factory standards are high, and every reconditioned tool must pass a series of strenuous tests before approval. Essentially consumers are getting the same tool (perhaps even a better tool for all this checking) with the same manufacturer warranty, for a fraction of the price. In fact, reconditioned tools generally cost around 30-50% less than their retailing counterparts.

Are Reconditioned Tools Really a Better Value?
Yes! Reconditioned power tools are an extremely good value. They are essentially a like-new tool with the same one year manufacturer's warranty, and a much smaller price tag. Some recons do come out of the factory with a small cosmetic blemish or two, but this is a very small price to pay for new tool, with a perfectly running motor, at a fraction of the cost.

Aside from price, the "R" at the end of the tool's model number, and the slight difference in packaging (box color, mostly), there is little to no difference between reconditioned and new power tools.

Which Brands Offer Reconditioned Tools?
Many brands refurbish and sell reconditioned tools. Among other brands, the major manufacturers DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Delta, Bosch, Skil, Makita, and Fein all market quality reconditioned power tools.

Reconditioned tools are cost effective, quality inspected, and come with the same warranty as a brand new tool. Coming straight from the factory, recons undergo meticulous testing to ensure they are in optimal condition to bring craftsmen the greatest, most professional power tool experience. For the quality and value, it just makes sense to buy reconditioned power tools.

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