Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cordless Metal Cutting Tools

Cordless Metal Cutting Tools

That's cute.....

The first time I saw a Panasonic EY3530 Metal Cutting Saw, I thought, "that's cute, but I can't see that thing being of any real use on the job". I was wrong. If you visit any job you will see cordless metal cutting saws in use in almost all of the trades.

What are they?

Cordless metal cutting saws are simply a cordless circular saw turning a carbide tipped metal blade at the appropriate rpm. These saws typically have an extra guard to help with the metal shavings. These saws cut mild steel very clean and cool.

One of my favorite stories is that of a sales rep walking into a customers office and cutting off a piece of threaded rod with the tool and threading a nut on, before the customer could through him out. He sold many, many tools that way.

What can they cut?

Cordless metal cutting saws can cut most mild steel including threaded rod, unit-strut, metal siding, EMT pipe, duct work, really any mild steel. Blades are available for aluminum also. I have heard them being used on copper, not sure that it is recommended though. By for the most common use is for cutting threaded rod, strut and EMT. If you are cutting mostly thin metal, blades are available with more teeth that will give you a better cut.

Who makes them?

The most popular saw is the Panasonic EY3530 Metal Cutting Saw but you can find them from , DeWalt, Milwuakee, Makita and others. If you already have a cordless circular saw, you can buy carbide tipped blades for most saws, Tenyru is among the biggest supplier of this type of blade.

I still think the tools specifically designed as metal cutters do the best job as they are set up just for that, but many of my Bosch customers have had good success with a carbide tipped metal blade on their saw.

Give them a try.

Many cordless power tool manufactures have a 30 day no questions asked return policy. I have offered this to many customers, but once they see what these tools can do, I don't get a single tool back. Give the Panasonic EY3530 Metal Cutting Saw a try.

You can purchase the Panasonic EY3530 Metal Cutting Saw at protoolguide.com See the full line of Panasonic Cordless Tools here.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Have the Power to Work Simply, Efficiently and Timely With Electric Cordless Power Tools

Have the Power to Work Simply, Efficiently and Timely With Electric Cordless Power Tools

Electric Power tools are extensively used in households, factories and for construction purposes to finish task speedily, efficiently and easily. The majority of power tools these days utilize electric motors, thus recognized as electric power tools.

Among the two available types of power tools, stationery ones are rather heavy and big, and cannot be simply taken from one place to another. The portable cordless power tool can simply be carried from one place to another and is better liked than the stationery ones for being cost-effective, trouble-free and needing small shelf space.

The market around us is crammed with power tool options, and sometimes it gets quite tough to make out the exact need from the wish list to carry out minor repairs and projects in the house.

Drill and Driver Combo exhibits a fine combination of a handheld power tool that lets users to drill a hole and anchor a wall. Circular Saw is a heavy-duty cutting tool with round blades to effectively slash any surface, from sandstone to wood to metal.

Jigsaw is rated as a classic power tool to be utilized convincingly for slitting spiky curves, points, or intricate moulds into a bit of wood or other type of surface. Impact Wrench is normally brought into play to stiffen and loosen nuts and bolts on various everyday items.

Impact wrench frees one from carrying out consistent tightening of nuts and bolts that tend to get loosen up as time passes, as it firmly tightens them even in the first attempt to lessen any concerns of doing the same process.

Wall chaser gets used to cut out a thin groove in the wall, while sander sees its utilisation to smoothen the coarse edges of wood. Nail gun effortlessly puts in nails in wood or in wall while Table saw is used to slash wood into even pieces. Diamond tool with fractions of diamond gets used to cut diverse materials.

Batteries form an integral aspect of cordless power tools that are also used to carry out the various household functions in a jiffy. Cordless drill, hedge trimmer, leaf blower etc are some of the most used cordless power tools.

Among the most renowned power tool offering firms, Hitachi power tools easily find their mentioning for their speed and simplicity for residential construction and commercial construction purposes.

With fast-changing technologies and arrival of the Internet, enough information is available on power tools online. People are now purchasing power tools online after assessing comparative inter pros and cons. In this process, they are easily availing discount on power tools that cost them less than the actual market value for same.

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Power Tools Care and Maintenance

Power Tools Care and Maintenance

Power tools don't come cheap and there's nothing worse than spending a fortune on a new drill just to have it break down a year later. Unless you're an avid carpenter, the average person will use his power tools sparingly, probably only a few times a year or even less.

In order to ensure you don't waste your investment or risk your safety, you should take some regular maintenance precautions in order to keep your tools in top condition.

Another important reason to perform regular maintenance routines is to keep yourself safe. A rusty blade or broken gear can cause you or a loved one to suffer a serious injury. Never turn on a power tool if you think it has been damaged.

To help prevent problems from occurring, it's important to keep your tools in a clean, dry area, away from dust and moisture. Dirt can get trapped in mechanisms either slowing them down or stopping them altogether.

Too much moisture can cause rust, which can easily destroy the power tools. This is especially true if they are battery powered. Batteries should be checked often for leaks and changed according to factory specifications. Electrical cords and plugs should also be examined for damage before using.

Keeping your power tools oiled is also an important part of regular maintenance. This helps maintain clean movement and also can preventing rusting. Oiling keeps your equipment running smoothly and should be performed often. It's inexpensive to buy and can add years of life to your power tools.

Larger tools will require a more thorough maintenance. Filters should be checked and changed often as well as oiling, dusting, and testing between uses. Bolts, hoses, and other small parts should be kept tight. Tools like table saws will need alignment and balancing occasionally to ensure that they work properly.

Blades will also need to be replaced periodically. If you're unsure of how to perform any necessary maintenance, consult with a professional. Never attempt to clean or fix a machine without experience and knowledge. Not only could you potentially damage the tool, but you could seriously hurt yourself in the process.

If an object becomes trapped in the power tool or the mechanisms fail, make sure the machine is completely shut off before disassembling. Always follow all given instructions on taking apart any piece of equipment and then reassembling. Don't add or alter any parts without consulting the manufacturer.

The most important part of power tool maintenance is safety. Save all instruction booklets that come with your power tools. These will be invaluable when problems arise or if you rarely use the tool. If you're unsure of how to fix a problem, either call the manufacturer or have a professional look at it.

Be sure that your tools are also in good condition before lending them out to a friend. You don't want to be responsible for the ramifications of using a faulty tool. Performing a little bit of maintenance will keep your power tools running smoothly for years to come.

Makita power tools help you in performing various tasks in a small amount of time with ease. However these tools don't come cheap and hence to make the most of your investment, care has to be taken while using the tools. To know more visit http://www.tylertool.com

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Porter Cable Parts - The Smart Choice

Porter Cable Parts - The Smart Choice

What has distinguished and made Porter Cable Parts successful, popular and apart from the rest of the pack is the fact that it has achieved what it has promised to do and more when it came to making old, broken and defective power tools fully functional and even more durable again than it was before.

All the replacement parts that the company has designed and made for each specific tool type is guaranteed to last longer while making the tools more powerful and efficient, and thus making all users happy and secure in knowing all their jobs will be much easier and satisfying to do.

Porter Cable parts manufactures all manner of power tools such as sanders and polishers, nailers/staplers, dust management, drilling grinders, planers, jointers, saws, routers and laminate trimmers, dovetail and joinery machines, shapers and stock feeders, and boring machines, and lathes and various cordless power tools of all types.

All of these tools and parts are specially designed for the professional user, yet simple enough to be used even by an amateur power tool enthusiast for all home improvement jobs. By creating superior products, Porter Cable has significantly increased productivity while lowering work loads and the effort it demands.

The simplicity of the design of its power tools makes the task of replacing any component, determining its designated serial number easy and makes cleaning and troubleshooting concerns relatively light and hassle free.

Porter Cable Tools has designed the outer casing of all its tools to be tough and lightweight making these very handy when doing tight and overhead jobs. This makes handling a breeze while giving the tools' motors more torque capacity for maximum power output.

With this distinct design feature, the major components are protected from any damaging factors such as impacts from sudden contact with hard objects, from dust and material debris and liquids and moisture.

As light as Porter Cable tools are, they are also more tough and durable in every aspect, making every day usage problem-free. They don't break down and wear out as easily, and they always perform better and longer when the demand calls for it.

Porter Cable makes its replacement parts only from the best and most superior raw materials available, making these more resilient to counter all harsh internal and external damaging factors.

Porter Cable parts are your best options for any power tool replacement concerns. These are guaranteed to make your power tools function at their peak performance and complete any home or contract projects easier and faster. So if ever the time comes for you to replace a power tool part make the smart choice - make it Porter Cable.

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